By Aharon Gabbay

Maran HaRav Yosef Karo says in Orach Chaim 168/7-8 amongst bread there are a type of baked goods which have bread like appearances but are not completely considered like bread, this category is known as ‘Pat Haba’ah Bekisanin’ (lit. bread that comes from a basket). The ruling is initially, the berachah before: mezonot. The berachah after: al hamichya (similar to any biscuits or crackers). But if one makes a meal out of these items (which will be defined), then they become Hamotsi before and birkat hamazon after.

There are 3 opinions of what is considered Pat Haba’ah Bekisanin:

1) flavoured/sweet dough.          

2) dough with pockets e.g. bourekas.

3) flaky pastry.


A vital point is that if the item is not Pat Haba’ah Bekisanin then it is 100% bread, but since there is an argument as to what is considered Pat Haba’ah Bekisanin, then we say safek berachot lehakel (since we have a doubt we would not go so far to say a berachah from the torah – hamotsi and Birkat hamazon, if we doubt, then these berachot shouldn’t even be said) Therefore the berachah on all Pat Haba’ah Bekisanin is mezonot and al hamichya.


Bearing in mind what we said last week that hamotsi covers all brachot prior to the foods in the meal besides for dessert, cake is Pat Haba’ah Bekisanin and so on one hand may be bread and on the other may not.

Therefore, (if you are paying attention, if not I’m getting married next week and I haven’t got time, but all prior halachot are on!) when one is having a normal bread meal and cake comes as a dessert there is a question, on one hand it could be considered bread and no bracha is required prior, on the other hand it could be considered Pat Haba’ah Bekisanin which in this case is a dessert and would require a bracha. The halachah is safek berachot lehakel and no bracha is said prior.

Shabbat shalom. Chag Sameach. Enjoy the Cake!